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Woof & Warp Fabrics
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 Store credit only. For cut fabrics all sales final. *Contact store for complete details.

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Woof & Warp Fabrics
Homey fabrics store with lots of baby prints.

 6507 E Pacific Coast Hwy
 Long Beach, CA 90803

This is what a fabric store is all about: bolts of gingham and pink and blue baby prints stacked together, racks of books and patterns and shelves full of cord and trim. The store is even decorated as if it were a private home, with faux wooden shingles and windows surrounding the ceiling. Ask the friendly help desk to help you pick out a pattern for a special project, or take a class to boost your skills. Woof & Warp also features custom decorating services. They'll make (or help you make) curtains, dust ruffles, bedspreads, slipcovers and even upholstery for your boat.

Jennifer George

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