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Turner's Outdoorsman
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Turner's Outdoorsman
Neighborhood outdoors superstore.

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 2201 E Willow St
 Signal Hill, CA 90806

Turner's Outdoorsman is one link in a Southern California hunting, fishing and sporting goods chain. On the fishing side, Turner's stocks an array of rods, reels and lures in all shapes and sizes -- ranging from ordinary to fancy -- near the tank of live crawdads awaiting their fate in the back of the store. For hunting, Turner's Outdoorsman carries a large handgun and shotgun selection, as well as duck lures, camping supplies and camouflage apparel. The service is friendly, helpful and conscientious of first-timers.

Jennifer George

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From Remy1492
Turner's is a good place to get great sale prices (every Thur in OC Register Sports sec.) and the people dont pressure you at all, if you wanna look at... More

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