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Spaghettini Cucina
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Spaghettini Cucina
Large gourmet specialty store, caterer and deli.

 6467 E Pacific Coast Hwy
 Long Beach, CA 90803

You've never seen this many kinds of olive oil in one place. Spaghettini Cucina is an upscale deli and gourmet food store with walls full of marinades, spices, vinegars and mixes, all waiting for you to turn them into a delicious meal. Many of these gourmet items are home made under the store's own label. The deli case will woo you with its cheesecakes and souffles. Order up an entire meal for takeout, or have them cater a party. Spaghettini Cucina sells huge, impressive gift baskets full of treats for business gifts and also has a good selection of wines.

Jennifer George

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