Note, this is packaging copy for a wooden block puzzle game manufactured by Small World Toys. I developed the name of the toy and wrote all the copy.

The game that celebrates learning.

You're invited! Grab the neighbors and put on your paper hat, it's time to play Block Party, the game of words that everyone can play. Developed specifically for children aged 4-7, these safe, brightly painted, handcrafted wooden blocks use a printer's font, with extra blocks for vowels and the more-common letters.

More than just a set of blocks, Block Party teaches kids of all ages critical thinking skills, logic, and language through a variety of fun and challenging games. Use your imagination to group the blocks in innovative ways. Spell more than 100 words using pictures or letters. Make up stories as a group or by yourself. With a little creativity, this will be the party of the century!

Get it together!

Find some common ground! Play a game where you arrange the blocks into categories and themes. Time yourself. It's even more fun!
  • It's all relative
    Group the blocks that are related to each other. Duck goes with nest and egg. Leaf goes with acorn and tree. How many groups can you find?
  • Baby talk
    Little ones will love identifying pictures and letters. What's red? What begins with S?

Letter perfect

It's your party and you'll spell if you want to. Practice language skills by using the blocks to spell words.
  • Blind man's bluff
    Close your eyes and grab a block. Open them and spell the word you see.
  • You've only just begun
    Find a picture that begins with a particular letter. What begins with D?
Once upon a time

It's only logical! Get creative by telling silly stories with the blocks.
  • Merry Go-Round
    Distribute the blocks evenly, then go around the table using your blocks to add to the plot. Challenge the other players with your additions.
  • It all stacks up
    Stack blocks at random and make up a story by going down the stack in order. Use your imagination to fill in the details.