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Pine Avenue
Downtown Long Beach's dinner-and-a-movie spot.
Loosely bordered by 7th Street and Ocean Blvd.

  • Parking
    Park on the street or in the Long Beach Plaza lot on the corner of Pine and 3rd Street.
  • Public Transportation
    The Passport shuttle system will take you all over Long Beach, including downtown. Or exit 710 at Broadway.
  • Despite all its attempts at gentrification, the City of Long Beach hasn't yet succeeded in making Pine Avenue a worthy shopping destination. In its defense, it's a great place for dinner and a movie. Restaurants abound, from the tres fancy-shmancy L'Opera to the humble Russian Delicatessen, and Pine Avenue's AMC 16 Theater should provide you with a suitable movie selection. The stores on Pine tend to be chains of the Bath & Body Works variety, but if you're brave, and it's daylight, you might want to venture east to the outskirts of the district. You'll find more interesting stuff, including the world-famous Acres of Books and a number of cute little antique stores struggling to hold on. -- Jennifer George

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