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Affordable fashion for women.

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 4900 E 2nd St
 Long Beach, CA 90803

Forget all that designer-name stuff. Who needs to pay hundreds of bucks for the latest trend? Mezzanine offers all the latest styles without the designer names. From big furry coats and brightly colored velvet pants to funky ostrich-feather necklines and pleather jackets, even the most discerning shopper will find something worth trying on. The clothes at this large, bright, Belmont Shore boutique are straight from the LA garment district, and don't come off as cheap, even though they are. The store also features shoes and jewelry, purses, hats and the occasional novelty item. Keep your eye out for their regular 50-percent-off sales.

Jennifer George

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From Tnkerbel007
At first appearence, this Belmont Shore boutique has a window full of trendy clothes next to a sign that reads '50% off'. It seems like a good d... More

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