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Max Muscle
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Max Muscle
Personal training to sculpt you into a golden god.

 4433 Candlewood St
 Lakewood, CA 90712

Strap on your weight belt and grease up your chest, because Max Muscle's going to turn you into a god of buffness. Through nutritional counseling and personal training, this bodybuilder's paradise offers more than 15 years of experience in weightlifting and fitness designed to pump you up in style. Max Muscle is part gym, part store, with a wide variety of vitamins, protein powders and energy bars, as well as workout clothes and shoes, videos and books on fitness and gadgets for evaluating body fat. In back, among the weightlifting equipment, there's also a very reasonably priced tanning salon. It's everything you need to get that bronzed Adonis look you've been wanting.

Jennifer George

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