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Lady Barnums
Known For
 Liz Claiborne
 Moxie Lady
 Nino Wong

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 Master Card
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Return Policy
 Exchange or store credit only with receipt if within seven days. *Contact store for complete details.

Shopping & Services

Lady Barnums
Women's upscale, conservative fashions.

 5211 E 2nd St
 Long Beach, CA 90803

You might want to try Barnum's of London if you're tired of fashions that seek to dress women up as little girls. This pleasant, friendly boutique for women of a certain age and economic status features designer dresses and pantsuits from big names like Liz Claiborne and a selection of items appropriate for business or dressy occasions. The shoe selection here isn't huge, but you'll find a few choices of sandals to go with your new dress, and there's also a small selection of matching earrings and necklaces.

Jennifer George

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