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Kimberly Collections
Known For
 Betsey Johnson
 Paul Frank
 Nicole Miller

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 Master Card
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 Exchange or store credit only with receipt if within seven days. *Contact store for complete details.

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Kimberly Collections
Trendy, upscale boutique with designer threads.

 5203 E 2nd St
 Long Beach, CA 90803

You don't have to go all the way to Melrose or Rodeo Drive to find the big names in fashion -- Belmont Shore has a chic boutique of its own to serve you. Kimberly's Collection is a small store stocked with the latest styles from designers such as Betsey Johnson and Nicole Miller. You'll find funky printed tank tops and sexy sequined dresses, novelty T-shirts and structured jackets -- all at the prices you'd expect. There are also a few trendy accessories to choose from, and a welcome, unobtrusive service that lets you shop on your own terms.

Jennifer George

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