Jennifer George - Writing Samples - Healthcare

- Andenovirus Gene Therapy
- Anorexia & Bone Loss
- British Population Study
- Oops Center
- Robotic Fish Brain
- Survey Finds Rampant Workplace Abuse
- Study Finds Breast Size Has Impact in the Workplace
- Dry Cleaners Face Higher Cancer Risk
- Eating for Maximum Productivity
- Ergonomics: Not Just a Question of Posture
- Exercising on the Job
- Ergonomics For Your Eyes
- Kids Need Computer Safety Too
- Impending Layoffs Lead to Lapses in Safety
- Get Promoted!
- Overcoming Your Confusion About Dietary Supplements
- Taking Care With Supplements
- Too Much of a Good Thing? The Signs of a Workaholic
- Simple Steps to Financial Wellness

City of Hope (intranet encyclopedia):

- AIDS-HIV Genetic Scissors
- Brachytherapy
- DNAzymes
- Grape Study
- Inhaled Insulin
- Positive Image Center
- Quality of Life
- Resource Desk
- Second Opinion Services
- Secondhand Smoke study
- Spiral CT
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