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Easy Does It Books & Gifts
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Easy Does It Books & Gifts
Support reading for former alcoholics.

 3517 E Broadway
 Long Beach, CA 90803

Looking for the perfect gift for someone celebrating the anniversary of their sobriety? Need a copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous manual in Hebrew? Easy Does It has it. This is niche marketing at its most refined, a store catering entirely to participants in 12-step programs and their loved ones. Nestled among the old houses and apartments of Belmont Heights, Easy Does It is a friendly little book and gift store with a respectable selection of self-help literature and spiritual advice. Devotees of "Daily Meditations" books will find enough wisdom to ponder to keep them thinking for the rest of their lives. Spiritual seekers will find words to comfort and inspire. The store also offers T-shirts, mugs, cards and collectibles.

Jennifer George

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