Study Finds Breast Size Has Impact in Workplace, spring 2001

C'mon, guys, you know it's true. A recent study at the University of Central Florida in Orlando found that men view women with breasts much smaller or larger than a C-cup as less professional than their average-sized sisters.

Researchers showed men a video of a woman giving a speech on how to choose a career. The same woman gave the same speech to different groups of men, each time wearing the same outfit. The only difference was that her breast size was changed with each presentation. Viewers were then asked to evaluate how "professional" the woman looked.

"Overall, the men viewed the woman fairly positively, but there was a significant drop in approval when she was an A or D-cup," said the study's author, Stacey Tantleff-Dunn, a UCF assistant professor of psychology. Women viewers were not influenced by breast size at all.