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Bluff Park Rare Books
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Bluff Park Rare Books
Musty and messy, but full of rare treasures.

 2535 E Broadway
 Long Beach, CA 90803

Pining for that copy of Nancy Drew and the Double Jinx Mystery you had when you were 10? Bluff Park Rare Books may just have it among the its wide selection of old children's books. Grab a copy from the shelf and park yourself on the orange vinyl couch -- proprietor Joe Hix could use the company. This is the kind of used bookstore where you feel like you're in someone's musty old living room, with postcards from friends taped haphazardly to the bookcases and piles of papers spread everywhere. It's also the kind of bookstore where the cheerful owner will search high and low for that special first edition you've been trying desperately to track down.

Jennifer George

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