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Defrazzling spa center.

 5846 E Naples Plz
 Long Beach, CA 90803

"We defrazzle people," says the manicurist at Body Beautiful. Walking in the door, you'll believe it. Music tinkles quietly in the background as the soothing scents of eucalyptus rise up to greet you in the dimly lit foyer. This classy little spa in the Naples section of Belmont Shore offers an extensive menu of skin care services, from the disconcertingly named "acid peel," to the intriguing "rehydrating paraffin treatment," as well as body waxing, permanent makeup, electrolysis and therapeutic massage. The spa also houses a manicurist with competitive, un-spa-like prices. Treat yourself to a quick 30-minute "executive facial," or indulge in a series of six, 90-minute Japanese shiatsu massages. You deserve it, don't you?

Jennifer George

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