Survey Finds Rampant Workplace Abuse, spring 2001

According to a recent survey by Integra Realty Resources, a commercial real estate company, 42 percent of workers say that yelling and verbal abuse regularly takes place at their jobs, and nearly one in three admitted to yelling at co-workers themselves.

The survey interviewed more than 1,300 respondents. Almost a quarter of them, 23 percent, said they've been driven to tears by workplace conflict. Ten percent have witnessed or been a part of physical violence at the job.

"Productivity is growing, but at the expense of more stress in the workplace," said Ben Loughry, managing director for the Dallas-Fort Worth office of Integra. "One out of 10 says stress is a major problem, and one of five say they've quit a job because of stress."

In all, 65 percent of the respondents in the survey said stress is sometimes a problem for them at work. An additional 12 percent said they've called in sick because of stress. Besides creating misery at work, mental health experts say that workplace stress can cause deep psychological and physical trauma, including depression, anxiety and even illness.